KINETOGRAVE "Golden dawn"


Un morceau du CD SLUMBERSCAPES a été diffusé sur Vital Weekly 1232.
Avec une jolie review:

"The title of KinetoGrave’s debut album is misleading… this music might be about sleeping or dreaming (if that’s what they mean by “SlumberScape”), but don’t expect ambient snooze. That’s what I thought this might be… a soundscape for slumber, right? But nope, “SlumberScape” is much too tense and alarmingly strange to chill anyone out. Perhaps these twisty industrial vignettes could be an audio interpretation of restless sleep, the sort that leaves you more exhausted after you wake up than you were when you laid down. The band is a duo of Raphaël Panis (a new name to me) and Alain Basso, who has been a staple of the French electronic-music underground since the early 1980s with Dernier Du Culte, Phaeton Dernière Danse and of course on his own. Combining their talents, we get eight tracks of nasty synthesizer skitter and sideways metal clatter with overtones of dread and menace. Pieces like “Ethyl Glycolor” have a backbone of angular irritation that never quite resolves… perhaps this is the slumber interrupted by a nightmare that shakes you awake and makes you nervous to try sleeping again. Others, like “Mendeleiev Element 19”, are forthright nightmares with grumbling inhuman voices glorping and snarling from the darkness. Each piece is an anxious, self-contained unit; the duo has a very tight grip on the dramatic through-lines pulling each one. As an album, I found it exhausting. A few tracks at a time were plenty! Enjoyable, sure, but not the kind of thing I’d throw on before bed. (HS)"